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Compassionate, Experienced Guidance Through The Probate Process

When a person dies, what happens next? Sometimes, the probate court will need to be involved; sometimes, it won’t. Whether probate is necessary and what kind of probate is needed is best answered by a probate attorney. In Florida’s Treasure Coast region, you can find the help you need at Erin Kirkwood Law, PLLC.

Probate Requirements Depend On The Existence Of A Will

If a person dies without a will (referred to as dying intestate), Florida law designates who inherits, and a probate case will usually need to be opened. The type of probate and the cost depends on how much property the person owned. If a person dies with a will, probate is sometimes necessary as well. If there are no disputes amongst family or others, probate usually does not require anyone to physically go to court. Attorney Erin Kirkwood will guide your family through the process and file all the necessary paperwork.

Get Help With Out-Of-State Probate

Out-of-state relatives needing to probate their parents’ assets in Florida, and others whose loved one only owned one piece of property in Florida, need help to get through the probate process. This type of probate is called “ancillary probate,” and because of its complexity, it is something you should let a lawyer do for you.

Depending on the assets and whether there is a contested will or other disputes between heirs and beneficiaries, ancillary probate will follow summary or formal administration. Attorney Kirkwood will review the details and explain which process will apply to the estate in question.

An estate can get through summary administration in as quickly as a few weeks. Formal administration tends to take longer because there are more assets involved and there may also be debts or disputes to settle.

Call the firm if you have questions about how an attorney can get your loved one’s Florida estate through the ancillary probate process.

Speak With A Skilled Probate Attorney About Your Legal Needs

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